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I dream of the day the we lay in a field of sunflowers and dandelions,
ripping blades of grass between our nails and inhaling the fresh smell.

I could imagine sitting at the tops of trees playing I spy
until the moon rose to the sky and the leaves got stuck in our hair.

I know the day that we become free is soon, yet not soon enough.
I can imagine spending all my time doing absolutely nothing with you.



Of all the things she can do
I hope she realizes that the most
important thing
is keeping herself alive.

I hope she realizes that the 
earth drinks up her warmth.
I hope someone tells her 
that she looks beautiful

at rock bottom and sky high.
I hope someone caresses her skin.
I hope birds serenade her to an awakening.
I hope her eyes shine.

Most of all,
I hope she starts to love herself.
I hope she knows I love her infinitely.
I hope she knows I always will.

Please don’t leave me, not yet.
Six Word Story



sometimes i will stay up all night

and view the sunrise with chapped lips

and a broken smile, a whispering heart.

Sometimes i will weep for the death of the stars

as I realize i have not found my family yet.

And often i will blow warm air into my palms

and I will wait for the return of the stars,

so I can do it all again.



I should be able to write
one million and one metaphors,
3 million similes, 5 thousand idioms

to describe the way being with you
feels in my bones.
As an author, you have left me baffled.

As a person, you have left me drunk.
I cannot describe the way being with you
feels to me.

All I know is that my heart is on fire.
And being with you is almost
better than breathing.